beat the BORE out of RAW




beat the BORE out of RAW




About us

At Goraw desserts, we know that eating healthy takes discipline and effort, but we believe that it shouldn’t have to. We also know that sometimes eating healthy can mean tasteless, but it shouldn’t be. Worst of all, healthy usually means time-consuming, and realistically who wants to spend all their time preparing food!

We understand that convenience is important, but we know that many of the fast and convenient options available to us are filled with harmful ingredients (artificial preservatives, fillers, msgs, gmos and chemically processed colours) that can be toxic to our bodies. 






Frequently asked questions

All our products are raw, what does this mean? None of them have been heated above 40 degrees. This helps to preserve all the important nutrients and goodness in each of the ingredients. Heating breaks down the enzymes in the food causing the nutrients to be destroyed and sometimes become toxic.

Vegan diets exclude all dairy, meat and animal derivatives, focusing on foods that grow from the ground, such as nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits. Meaning no Animals are harmed in the making of our treats.

Even if you’re not a vegan it is still a good idea to give your digestive system a break every now and then.

There is so much focus on Organic, but why is it so important? It all comes down to one thing, the PURITY of the food. How pure is it? If it’s straight from the ground, and fresh into your hands, it’s wholesome and pure, just the way nature intended. Unfortunately, most foods are mixed with harmful toxins, artificial sprays, fillers or pesticides. These toxins then pass to your body and can result in ill health. Buying organic helps you to be at peace with what you are feeding your body, along with the safe production practices that are associated with it.

Most of our ingredients are sourced from Australian owned certified organic suppliers. Finding the purest quality of ingredients, sourced from native regions.

All our ingredients are raw, excluding the peanuts used in GO NUTS, as the peanuts are roasted.

To ensure that our raw desserts reach our awesome customers in the best possible condition, we use natural grade Potassium Sorbate to extend the life of our products. It is a salt of sorbic acid which is naturally found in some fruits (like the berries of mountain ash) and comprises less than 0.1% of our product.

We spent 6 months researching and trialling possible solutions to find a natural way to ensure the freshness, quality and deliciousness of our desserts, without compromising our mission to provide a tasty and convenient, guilt free treat.

This is a short-term solution as we continue to undergo shelf life trails, constantly aiming to bring you a dessert that will love you, as much as you love it!

Yes, for only two exceptions, the peanut butter in Go Nuts and the cherries used in Coco Cherry.

All the fat in our desserts comes from cashew nuts, providing your body with the healthiest fats available. They are also protein rich and very satiating, so all the calories sustain more energy and keep you fuller for longer.

It’s a great breakfast food, which will keep you feeling fuller for longer! We recommend topping it up with fruit, granola, oats or any of your favourite breakfast foods.

It is a mousse, however it is so versatile that it can be used as a substitute for any.